Sunday, 5 December 2010

Our New Baby Name Is IPAD

Finally, there is an additional 'baby' gadget in the family. Let me introduce you.. baby IPAD.
Few times 'test drive' already

We had not planned to but it actually. However, we finally did. We bought the 16GB iPAD at KL Convention Center. There were not many crowd there when we arrived.

The most happiest person of course, Mr. Fruitheart and my small man. They both had the widest smile after I said OK. We even told my small man, he need to sign a 'contract' if he wants to use it.

One day I know, my small man will become like daddy, gadget freak. He already knew how to use iPhone 4! Err.. playing games actually.

Playing with his new gadget
Do not focus on his cheek and stomach. I repeat, do not focus on it. Focus on the IPAD. Haha.. Since Mr. Fruitheart will be on leave tomorrow, I believe both of them will stuck with that thing for hours. I think he will stuck with it tonight as well.
My small man had agreed to all of the rules in the paper. Somehow I forgot to include, the 'contract' may changed from time to time. We can do it later, the power of parents.

IPAD Contract

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