Saturday, 18 December 2010

Signs You're a Workaholic

I just read an article in SHINE from Yahoo - New Survey: Signs You're a Workaholic. If I took the quiz 5 years ago, I would be labeled as WORKAHOLIC. Hehe.. Right now, no I am not one. I'm 99% sure.

More to family time, my small man is getting bigger and going to school. He needs more attention than my work does. Although sometimes he really wish mummy would stay at home and play with him. He knows that if mummy didn't work.. he will get no clothes, toys, food or what so ever he wants.
Well, daddy have to agree if mummy to stay at home son.

I used to work more than 8 hours 5 years ago. Plus it's a night shift supporting US. Started my shift at 10PM till 7AM the next morning. If I worked on Friday, I can continue work until 11AM on Saturday morning. And.. I came to work on Sunday too! Too much isn't it? At that time I am a single mother, and all I think was to get more money to support my son. Although I know, money is not everything he needs. He needs his mother.

I even took my 'work' back home, checking my emails. I hardly took any leave, saving it for emergencies like when my son was ill. I have no social life until I met my husband now. Dating la what else.

Much worse at certain times, I do care more about what my bosses or my colleagues would think if I did not deliver more to my work. When I found the work that makes me happy, I'll dedicate my time to it. Sometimes too much time for it. My ex colleagues used to teased me.. she said I am the only person who came to work happy and energetic. Haha.. Well, there are times I am lazy and complaints too.

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Sometimes when we met our friends also, after working hours we talked about work. And when working we talked something else, vacation, what to cook.. bla.. bla.. bla.. Surfing facebook, twitter and blogging. (That's me!) Hehe.. All those mentioned above are my way of saying WORKAHOLIC. When we are getting wiser (replacement for older.. haha), it's more family time. Advise for myself, family time does not start at the age of 30.. it started when we have a family.

So 2011 resolution? More vacation!
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