Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Some Of Malaysian Attitude

It's already noon on the 8th of December 2010. Another 23 days to 2011. Don't have any idea what to write today, so I have decided to write about us. Malaysian. Please be aware that all of you could do this without you knowing, or this has happened to you. I know.. after reading this, you will be smiling and say.. YES! I'm proud to be Malaysian.

Driving on the road - Type 1
The drifter.. I just don't get it, why they have to speed when the road is full of cars?? Do you think you will reach your distance 5 minutes earlier than anyone huh? I also pay the ROAD TAX!

Type 2
No signal. They just turn to the left or right without giving any signal. Even if there are lots of cars, they just changed lanes. Especially during heavy traffic congestion. You break, and honk. All you know, you'll be cursing inside your car and only your spouse heard you. Haha.

Type 3
Double parker. You can see a lot of this near restaurants, and even on the side road. Some even make double park, when you have three lanes.. it become one because the person need to go and buy prepaid top up!

Queuing - Type 1
It's 1245 pm, your stomach is so hungry until it makes rumbling noise. The queue is so long at McD and you can see the person in front of you has not decided what to eat. And then, came all his children including the mother. Before his turn, there was another two person in front of him. After so long, he did not even decide what to eat! Mind the time taken to serve.

Type 2
Purchasing a movie ticket. The couple in front you so 'mengada' one that they could not decide which SEAT they prefer! They already took their time deciding what to watch, now the seat. For goodness sake, just sit wherever is empty! That is why I always do it online.

Sales person at designer boutiques (or any boutique)
Chanel boutique. You saw a cute hand bag, stopped and looked at it. Admire the design. The sales person also looked at you. But.. they gave you.. YOU-CAN'T-AFFORD-IT and DO-NOT-ENTER-IF-YOU-JUST-WANT-TO-LOOK-AROUND kind of face. When a foreigner came in, you can hear them Hello through the glass! Unbelievable! At last, they too just want to look around. Huh!

Last minute
They are the kind who do everything last minute. Submitting their LHDN form 1 day before the dateline and have to queue like 4 hours and still cursing because everybody else were doing the same as them. Doesn't it make them the same as others? It is like you're cursing yourself. Haha..

Stand in the middle of they way
You walked and suddenly you bumped into your old friends. You start saying hi and hugging each other. And someone from behind said, 'Nak jejak kasih pun berdiri la tepi, tak payah lah tengah-tengah jalan.' Haha.. oh don't you just love sarcastic people sometimes.

Caring and friendly Malaysian
Something happens on the other side of the highway, especially accidents. Slow down and look, take pictures. Forward to your friends, especially on facebook. And said, oh my god, does the driver alive?

Police - Type 1
Escorting VIP, clearing road for them when it is 6PM at Jalan Bukit Bintang! Beri laluan! Beri laluan! Berhenti!

Type 2
Stopped a car because they saw the driver talked on phone.
The police asked 'Do you know what you have done wrong?'
The driver said, 'I talked on the phone?'
'And you know it's wrong?' said the police.
'So now you want short or long story?'
I bet you know what was meant by that. That happened to Mr. Fruitheart.

It's OK (Tak apa)
The authorities had put up the sign, do not throw rubbish here. Instead there are a lot of plastic bags, even an old sofa!
'Can we throw rubbish here dad?'
'Can son. Everybody does.'
'But dad, it says do not throw here. There's a sign.'
'Tak apa. Other people also do it. They never know it was us.'

If that is how we teach our children, then it is not possible they have the attitude when they grow up and have kids and grand children.

I think that is all for now. You also don't want to read all the long list, because you already know. There are a lot to be put up right here. After all, don't we proud to be Malaysian? Malaysia boleh! to anything. Nothing is impossible.
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