Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Some People Were Born Late

That was the phrase I learned today with my President. He was here for business trip. Since he is the new President appointed few weeks back, he had given us some information about the business. Quite good looking with GQ hair style, tall with broad forehead. Hehe.. I've been checking on him aren't I? Haha.. I think he is 45.

So today all employee had meeting with him from 11am to 1pm. What a good time for a meeting, and sure I will be as hungry as a wolf. Correct! At 1130am my tummy was already playing rock song! He was already at the meeting point when I came at 1050am. Wow, he was early I said to my self. While we were waiting for others to come, he asked if there are others coming. My manager said, there were a few.

Then he said.. Well, some people were born late. He smiled.

I think that was a very nice sarcastic word to be given to people who are NOT PUNCTUAL.I liked it. There are a lot of that kind of 'people' here in the office. Hard for them to be punctual, some even go back early. I think in future if anyone is late or not punctual, I would say that 'Some people were born late'. Wicked!. Hehe..
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