Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Thank You For Taking Care of Syahmie

Not often I hear my small man said something so nice. The first time (I think), he said that to my younger sister who stayed with us for a week. After she left, Mr. Fruitheart told me he said 'Mak su, thank you for taking care of Syahmie.' I knew he said something before I sent my sister to the ERL, but I had closed the car door and could not hear it.

He makes me really proud. He could say something nice as that.

Yesterday also he told me that.. 'Mama, thank you for taking care of Syahmie.' I am touched. Although I had not heard it, because again.. I have closed the car door. Haha.. I don't know why whenever he said that.. the car door closed.

He said that too to Mr. Fruitheart yesterday night after we were back from clinic. Mr. Fruitheart was on leave, and he said.. 'Thank you daddy, for taking care of Syahmie.' I am so proud of my small man. Even though at certain times he's being naughty and did not listened to me.. I still love him, so much!
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