Monday, 13 December 2010

Food Review: Amira Seafood, Nilai

Last Saturday and Sunday has been busy for me. So much to do with little time. I even did not get my afternoon nap. Haha.. I guess I will no longer have much of my afternoon nap after this.

On Saturday night, we went to a restaurant near BB Nilai. Same row as KFC, Pizza Hut and Bangi Kopitiam. Amira Seafood, that's what the restaurant name. My father told me that JJCM host Serina had been there and he said the food is nice.
The front view
To our surprised (me and Mr. Fruitheart) we've been there. But not eat-in, take away some 'tomyam'. We had not received a good service on the first time, so we thought they might have changed. We decided to give it a try. And there were a lot of customers when we arrived. At that time, I have a feeling that food service will be really SLOW.

As expected, the service was slow and the food were late. My small man even cried. He's so hungry.

Mr. Fruitheart also getting bored of waiting. And the first food to arrived was my sister's chicken porridge. I tasted it, and oh not bad.

This was the chicken 'tomyam'. My small man loves it. Rate: 3/5

'Siakap' sweet sour. Rate: 3/5. Thought they would steamed the fish, they fried it instead. Just nice.

'Daging masak merah'. Rate: 4/5. Just nice.
'Telur bistik'. Rate: 3/5. Mr. Fruitheart ordered it. A bit sweet.

As usual, 'kailan ikan masin' as our favourite veggie. Rate: 3/5

Although I believe I ate a lot that night, after one hour I feel hungry again. This has been going for quiet sometime now. Don't know why. Usually I couldn't finished all in my plate, but now I can.. and that's good. But, after awhile I feel hungry again that is not good.

Just a thought, maybe JJCM Serina or some other host can visit this restaurant again for second review. Bangkok Wasabe, is still no 1 in my list! No need for them to go for another review.
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