Monday, 6 December 2010

What's With Man Holding Woman's Handbag

I don't know about you, but I think it is one humiliation to man when a they hold a woman's handbag. I mean, they carry it on their shoulder. Doesn't matter if it's small or big.. oh, and when they carry the bigger one it is much 'ugly'.

If you hold it while your GF or your wife is picking up the fish, then that is understandable.

So yesterday we me, my superman and my superboy went for shopping. I had to buy some new clothes for myself to be used during my office Christmas dinner. The theme is either retro or Hawaiian. Why they have to chose a theme in the first place, I also don't know. We went to Times Square, because I know there were a lots of shops selling that kind of clothes.. with theme I mean.

Picture credit to Google
While walking, I saw this couple. Holding hands, smile at each other.. oh so sweet. But then, the BF or husband I'm not sure.. was holding the handbag. Oh yea, it's big. Red color! In my opinion, men should never carry woman's handbag on their shoulder in public. Sorry, I didn't took any pictures and I'm sure all of you can imagine it.

I know you guys are showing your care, love for the partner. That's just my opinion.. if you don't agree, I do understand it too.
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