Wednesday, 8 December 2010

When He Needs The Attention

My small man.. sometimes what makes me a bit mad of him is because he likes to interrupt when people talk. Although he is seven, but teaching him manners need to be done at the early age.. am I right?

So, this is what I told him whenever he wants to speak. He need to raise his hands and said.. Can I talk?
Hehe.. it worked! Maybe some see this as funny or think there must be some other way. However, that was the only thing I could think of that moment. It came to me in a second.

Picture credit to Google
I would say thank you to him whenever he wait patiently for his turn to talk. He is such a good boy doesn't he? Well I don't want my small man to be seeing as rude in front of others.

Here is a good article from ParenThots about - Teaching-kids-how-to-share-attention

Parenthood is challenging! No one ever told us what lies ahead or what to do, what to expect. We parents learned everything about our kids on our own. I am still learning parenthood myself.
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