Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Where Malaysians Moms Unite? At MBP

Mom Bloggers Planet or MBP, is one of the social networking platform created especially for Malaysian moms. It doesn't matter if you have a blog or not, you can join. And the most important is, it's FREE!

How do I find it? I was trying to look for a suitable title for my blog. I googled 'mom blogger' and MBP listed no five. It's Malaysian! well you know how many bloggers website out there and most of them are not in our country. I started blog walking, jumped tab by tab.. read few articles about blogging tips and hey, not bad at all, I said to myself. So i registered, and liked the fan page on facebook.

Another best part of it is, if you’re from Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand or any tiny corner of the world, you’re most welcome too.

In MBP here are the things you can do:
  • Learn how to make money by blogging
  • Share tips and tricks other successful mothers who already making money with Google Adsense, Nuffnang etc
  • Promote and sell your stuff online
  • Discuss issues i.e in parenting, childcare, pregnancy, marriage etc
  • Find tips and information about blogging etc
  • Share information, passion with some other mothers which have the same interest as yours
  • Ask questions and get help
  • Join contest
1,765 people like Mom Bloggers Planet in facebook and they have 1594 followers! Yay! Hurrah! Join and be part of Mom Bloggers Planet today. Oh.. not to forget there are also daddy, father,' ayah', 'abah', 'papa' bloggers too in list.
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