Thursday, 20 January 2011

After Surgery.. Things Changed

It has been one week. I feel much better, less pain. Still can't walk faster or frequently climb up and down the stairs, pain on and off if I sit for a long time or lay down doing nothing too.

Yesterday I went for check up and the doc removed the bandage. The cut was about 2 inch. He scanned my tummy and everything is clear, I am OK. Both of us really glad to hear that. He advised us if we wanted to have a baby again, we need to wait after two or three months. He also said, it could happen again and there's nothing we can do to prevent. It's just that we're unlucky. Well, that do scares me though. I hope after three months, I am able to conceive and it goes smoothly. InsyAllah.

Since I can't do much, Mr. Fruitheart had took over my task. He's the father and mother for my kiddo. He makes breakfast, wake him up, makes sure his clothes are all ironed, school bag, books..OK almost everything. He is really helpful although he has TOO MANY work in the office. Thank you Sayang.

Not forgetting my mother in law who had help with our laundry. I think if we live separately, we would've sent it to laundry shop and eat outside everyday until the end of medical leave day.

My kiddo too has been really good boy. He hold my hands whenever I want to walk and climb up/down the stairs. He even told me to be careful and be good like I used to said to him. Clever boy.

I remembered the day I was in real pain he had asked 'Mom, you have a baby?' I have a feelings maybe he knew, oh well children with their imagination and sixth sense hehe.. He was mad and angry when I told him the doc had cut his mother's tummy and the baby was no longer there. I know he wanted a baby brother and sister so bad. He even said, 'pity me. I still don't have brother or sister.'

I am heartbroken hearing him say that. Mummy and daddy are trying their best son.

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