Sunday, 23 January 2011

Few Simple Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

"If your wife's not happy, then NOBODY's happy."

There are some truth in it, agree? Hehe.. Yes I do. Marriage is definitely challenging. It takes a lot of effort, compromise, patience and considering each other's feeling.
  • Always tell your wife that you love them.
  • Give your wife presents, not necessarily the expensive one.
  • Once in awhile, help your wife to take care of the kids and let her rest.
  • Cook her favourite dishes, if you're good in cooking.
  • Help your wife to do house chores.
  • Always hug and kiss your wife.
  • When your wife is angry, let her cool down.
  • Don't ever forget the special dates in your life.
  • If your wife ask for your opinion, answer honestly.
  • Once in a while, give your wife light massage on the shoulder especially after she is tired doing house chores.
  • Do the things that your wife likes and leave the things that she doesn't likes.
  • No matter how busy you are, always spare some time with your wife.

When you're happy and healthy, everyone in your family learn to be happy and healthy too.

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