Friday, 28 January 2011

January 2011 - What Have You Done?

Another three days January going to end. We heard it many times, 'How time flies'. Yes, it sure does. There were lots of things happened, until to the extend I cried.. in my heart too. Cried because of pain and how I felt weak inside of me.

My kiddo started his standard one. A new experience for him and to both of us. The early morning wake up, making breakfast, drove here and there, sending and picking him on time. And Mr. Fruitheart, had his new position that makes him busier than before. Not enough attention?  Somehow I am used to it already.

And, me.. I had miscarriage. Had to undergo surgery and one month MC until February. I posted an entry about it, few weeks back. Now I am getting better, and had been working from home for a week. Yeah, my work just won't let me rest. It missed me a lot.

Not forgetting, my mother who has been sick and admitted to hospital too for few days. She had trouble breathing, and she is going for a surgery sometime in March. Hope everything goes well.

Despite all the bad news, challenges we still have good news. Of course!

My father had started to build a new house. It is still in progress. Finally, my parents have a home of their own. And we have a brand new car.. yippie! It's purple, Alza. Just arrived today. Not forgetting, we have increased our savings. Yay! Discipline is all what we need and we can go for holiday to Singapore in May, insyaAllah.

A friend of mine told me, "everything and anything that happen in our lives has a reason. God has better plans for us. Always be thankful"
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