Monday, 17 January 2011

Miscarriage.. It's Not The Time Yet To Have A Baby - Part I

I had period again after a week. It only stopped for two days. I thought it could be for few days. Don't feel any abdomen pain or anything. Since last two months my period flow was not on schedule and late for two weeks which I thought I was pregnant. So I assume it might be the balance of it. Wrong!

After the fifth day there's no sign of it getting lesser. We went to the clinic for check up. The lady Doc told me there's nothing wrong with me, and she did scanned my tummy. She gave me medicine to stopped the flow. I told her I was concerned because this was the first time it happened. Previously it was normal. She said I am still young and there should nothing to worry about if I am trying to conceive again. Maybe I think too much. Yeah, maybe.

Well after taking the medicine for about four days, it doesn't stopped the period flow. I felt pain near my abdomen and told Mr. Fruitheart if the pain doesn't go away, I want to check up again.

On Wednesday, since at work the pain getting worse. On and off. I couldn't stand it anymore after I climbed up the stairs to my room. My right abdomen aching and cramped. I put some oil, but the pain won't go away. I cried. That means I couldn't handle the pain any longer. Mr. Fruitheart brought me to the clinic, different one and the doc suspected I had appendix. Or.. It could be something else. He advise us to go the hospital right away after he took some note about the pain I had and prepared the letter.

Went to KPJ Tawakal. The nurse asked me to lay down and did the basic check up. She took my blood, temperature and urine for testing. The first doctor came and said it could be appendix. He said wait for another doctor to check, couldn't remember he was specialist on what. He also said wait for another doctor. It was 8.30pm that time.

Then the first doctor came back and said.. 'You're pregnant'

Haaaa???!!!! We both looked at each other speechless.
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