Monday, 17 January 2011

Miscarriage.. It's Not The Time Yet To Have A Baby - Part II

The doc confirmed that I am pregnant. He asked us if we know about it. Seriously doc, NO we don't know. I did not have any sign of pregnancy. No nausea, dizzy, morning sickness nothing. He told us to wait for the gynae doc to check, because of the bleeding it could be something else. We both were shocked and this is so unexpected. I was wondering if my period was actually bleeding?

I was given pain killer to lessen the pain. Boy that was really helpful, if not I had to hold and kept on squeezing my right tummy. After a while waiting, came the gynae doc. He asked few questions, and said he wanted to do some scanning. We were anxious and nervous. Positive, I am seven weeks pregnant. OMG!

Unfortunately, it was ectopic pregnancy. Also, the doc told us he couldn't find the baby's heart beat and it looks like the embryo is not healthy. The period that I thought, I was bleeding actually. I was given another injection to, and I think it was my fifth. I was admitted to the hospital that night.

The next morning, the doc scan again to double confirmed. Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage, and he had to do D&C. He also told me, there could be minor surgery to took it out. I cried. He had schedule a session at 10. I was back at my room. Given the green dress. As I sat down beside my husband, I cried again. He told me.. 'it's not our time yet to have the baby.. We can still try again. There are always another chance. Don't give up.'

The time has come. The nurse came around 11.15am and I was pushed to the operation room. Mr. Fruitheart by my side. It was 11.30am when I was in the operation theater when the doc said.. 'we'll get you to sleep OK. It will be alright.' Yeah right doc, I know I will be in pain after the surgery.

I only saw people went for opeation in ER and Grey's Anatomy and House. And now it happened to me,for real.. after 30 years. First surgery in my life. Gosh!

I woke up around 1.15pm. My body aching and my tummy hurts. Mr. Fruitheart and my small man were waiting in the room. Glad to see their face. Soon after that, I was asleep. Tired. I had not eaten since Wednesday night. I don't feel hungry at all, scared most of the time. Thank God it was over. My in laws came to visit in the afternoon. Doc came to visit from time to time to see how I was doing. First time surgery and second time admitted to the hospital, it's not a good experienced. No one wants to be sick right?

The next morning, I feel a bit better. The pain was not as much as yesterday. I told Mr. Fruitheart I wanted to go home. The more I stayed in the hospital, the more sicker (don't know if it's correct word) I'd be. The doc came and said if I feel much better, then I can go home in the afternoon. Yippie!

I was dischaged soon after that. Glad I can go home. Doc gave me one month medical leave. Should I enjoy it? Of course! Mr. Fruitheart said he gave me one week and after that I will be complaining. Bored, nothing to do, sleeping all day.. bla.. bla.. bla.. Hmm.. maybe dear.
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