Monday, 3 January 2011

My First Day Back to School After 13 Years

Monday, January 3rd 2011.. Has been marked as the first day I went back to school after 13 years. Can you believe that? No?? It's true, OK. Well, it's actually my small man's first day went to school. The big boys and girls school. No more kindergarten. So it is true I also went to school to sent, picked him up and waited for him at the canteen. Difference is, I did not wear white and blue uniform.

I was nervous! And, I did cried. Shame on me. Because my small man cried too when we left him during his morning school session at SRA. I didn't expect him to cry though. But, I do understand. There were other kids who worse than my son.

First day started, he don't have the problem to get up early morning. Phew! Woke him up at 6am, but he's a bit grumpy and cranky when I talked a lot early morning, asking him to do this and that. Well, I am a woman and a mother. So I wanted it to be smooth and err.. perfect.

Morning school outfit
After breakfast, left the house at 7am. We don't want to stucked in traffic and wanted to adapt the new routine when he started schooling. We waited until 8am since we do not know which class he will be in. The teacher had called students name one by one, and until now.. I don't remember which class he's in. He cried when we left him. Aww.. poor my baby. We didn't stay until recess, and came back when the morning school ends, at 1030am.

It was his first time riding the school bus, and he was OK with it. Unlike one child who had screamed to her mother. We decided to let him stay at a transit house near the SK school. It would be easier as other kids which going to the same school will also be there. So, he would have friends.

After showing him which house he will be staying and paid the fee, we headed home. Had lunch and bath, we sent him to the afternoon school session at 1pm. So far I had not hear any complaints that he is tired.

They had assembly, and I left him for a while and sent Mr. Fruitheart to work. It has been a very busy day for both of us. I took 1 week off.. Hehe. Had to help practising my small man to familiarize with all of the new things he had to do on his own from now on.

I came back around 2.30pm. Passed the books and told my small man I will be waiting at the canteen. He had his recess at 3.10pm. I was looking for him and he was looking for me too. Haha.. Oh boy he cried when he didn't see me. Very 'manja'. Bought him chocolate doughnut and waited for him until finished. After recess, they had to queue up again to go back to their classes. I told him I will be picking him up at 6.30pm, he smiled and said OK. He even said, don't forget me mama.

And here I am, blogging about my first day back to school after 13 years. How do I feel? Exhausted! I know now I had to give more attention to my small man. He's getting bigger and the more responsible I have to give in. Going to be ready to pick him up, and later Mr. Fruitheart from work. I am the driver for this week.

He dreamed of driving this Porche
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