Monday, 24 January 2011

Our Panic Attack

Last Saturday it was school day for my kiddo. Replacement leave for CNY 3rd-4th Feb and Federal Territory Day 1st Feb. As usual, early morning we sent him to SRA, and then we both had breakfast date at Oldtown. Such a long time we had not dating. After breakfast we went to market and bought some groceries.

Made soup for my mother. She was admitted to the Serdang Hospital since Thursday. She had problem breathing. So after we had our lunch, we went to visit her.

We left the hospital around 5.30pm. Lucky there was no traffic congestion and we reached the school at 6.15pm. I waited inside the car. Mr. Fruitheart went to look for our son. He came back with a worried face. He told me the guard had informed him, school ends 6pm. And, my kiddo was no where to be seen.


Me and Mr. Fruitheart run here and there looking for him. Gosh, where could he be? If he went home, who picked him up? OMG! I lost my son. Despite the pain I had, I walked fast and kept on holding my tummy. I must hold on, I told myself. Tears on my eyes. I called home, my MIL said no he's not there. I called the neighbour if he had followed them home, no her daughter didn't go to school. I was even worried.

There were two three teachers there and they also asked around and helped us looking for him. They had asked questions, and even the guard man had told he did saw our kid.

Soon, my MIL called. She said my kiddo just arrived. THANK GOD! Another neighbour had sent him home. His daughter was in the same class as my kiddo. Gosh, he should have called us. we were worried to the max. Lots of things came to my mind, who would've kidnapped him?

OK, lesson learned.

Come early, wait for them. Don't let them wait for you especially when it is their first year schooling.
Let them know, where to wait.
Exchange phone number with your neighbour. In case something happen. Yeah, like in this situation.
Lastly, relax. Don't think negative.

Yeah la, easy type and said. When it happens for real, all those above are forgotten.
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