Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Taekwondo Lesson

Last Saturday, my small man had his first taekwondo lesson. Yeah, we enrolled him as early as week one once he had started schooling. Excited parents huh? Hehe.. just to make him busy and filled in his boring schedule, that's all. Haha.. controlling mother I am.

Only the two of them don't have proper attire
Registration RM60, since his parents did not bring enough money, we had to buy his taekwondo uniform next week. RM80! Quite expensive. Lucky, he was OK when we told him he could wear the shirt and pants he was wearing and promised we will buy next week. Usually, he don't want to wait. He's being good and tolerant.. Good boy!

Ready for action
I thought of sending him to learn taekwondo because I wanted to discipline him more and to cry less. I don't want my son be called a cry baby. I know he is very sensitive, and easily cried. For now I think that is one of the way to do it. Hope it worked.

His lesson starts from 5.30pm to 6.30pm every Saturday at his school. So, we had to reschedule our outing and going back to Salak Tinggi. I feel like learning it too, the problem is I have to steal some of my 'BUSY' mummy and wife time. Housework and tired and sleep what else.

We advised him, he will only use his skills to bad naughty people who bullied him, not to good people. Don't want him to be a bully instead and abuse his power and knowledge. So far, he listens. Thank GOD!
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