Thursday, 24 February 2011

Paid My Summonses For The Second Time and It's The Last

Yes I am one of the Malaysians people who paid my summonses last minute. What to do, I didn't know I had summonses until my father checked and told me. I have to pay for about RM900 for all of it.

So I paid half on January and half on February. No budget maaa..

As usual, the website is so SLOW and congested. The loading page took more than 10 minutes, and I kept getting error Network or Server busy. Please try again later. Frustrating! But yeah, padan muka I kannn.

After couple of times trying, finally successful. Wohooo!

I hope I don't see it pending for the next few days.

P/S: Please pay your summonses.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Dilemma In Making Decisions.. I Had That Too

In our lives, how many times do we have to make decisions? A lot of times correct? We lost count. All we know, we have to face it again and again.. and with different results. We studied and jot down every pro and cons, until at times we met dead end. Failing to achieve final decisions does makes us stress! Sometimes, we just forget it and move on without making any progress to it.. and when we have to think about it again.. some just follow their heart.

Yeah, that happened to me and Mr. Fruitheart last week. Well, it's not actually an urgent matter that need us to do it ASAP. It's about making decision to move out. We wanted to have our own house. So, we have been searching in the Internet house for rent. Oh we have thought to buy our own house, it is still in progress in TTDI. We have been searching in Bandar Sungai Long. Both of us liked the house design and the rent at the moment is below 1K.

We have looked 2 houses, and had told the agent we will call back to confirm if we want it or not. So, back home to Salak Tinggi.. we told my parents. As expected. My father said.. what is good for us both.. go ahead. But, my mother as usual.. would asked questions.. why this.. why that. And I had to explain

The next morning, I still can't decide to move or not to move. I woke up early morning and thought about my kiddo. We of course don't want him to be unhappy just because of us not thinking deeply about it. I told that to Mr. Fruitheart and yes he does feel the same.

So after a while.. we have decided not to move at the moment. We stick back to our plan after we both married and will try to save as much while we stay with our parents. And of course, we don't know what our future have for us. We learned from our mistakes and grab the opportunities while we still can for now.

P/S: Ikut hati mati, ikut badan binasa.

Friday, 18 February 2011

My RM5 Lunch

It's hard to find food price that are lower than RM5. As usual, since today is Friday I'm a bit lazy to walk far away from office. My choice, stall next door.

It look kind of ugly in the picture.. hehe. So there's slice of fish, some veggies and rice. It cost me RM5! Even if I take chicken also it would cost RM5.50.

Expensive huh? Yeah, that's food price in KL.

I thought of bringing food from home, and I have done that previously.. but it doesn't feel 'fresh'. And after sometime, I feel hungry again. Sometimes, I am hungry after half hour of eating. Unbelievable!

I used to buy from this one 'makcik'. She was so nice, her food was delicious and the most important is the price is below RM5. However, after the new management took over the place.. she's no longer there.

Still finding what other options I have.

P/S: Today is a busy crazy day with requests.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kiddo And Ringgo The Fat Orange Cat

Well well well.. Now I am active back blogging. Two entries tonight. Ready? Put your seat belt on, after this I will be on my BW.. blogwalking what else or might be sleeping.

MIL had two cats, one is Lizzie and the other one is Ringgo. Sometimes MMIL called him Dodo, FattiePie (but my kiddo heard sweetiepie) LOL! This orange cat used to run away from my kiddo. Well, my son had no experience with cats, and he don't know how to treat a cat nicely. But now..

He was doing his homework then the cat came and sit near him. But he shows his back side to my kiddo and his tails on my kiddo books. Naughty right?

Even he was chased away by kiddo, he came back and sat at the same spot.

Ooh! I'm on candid camera.

He likes to lay like that, stretching I think.

Another stretching! And he does loves to come into our room. Don't know why. There's one day, he waited for me in front of the bathroom door. And slept on our bed. But then, Mr. Fruitheart had to took him outside. Disturbing!

He is cute isn't he. I admit!

Story Of A Seven Year Old - Part II

The story continues.

Mama had headache and right neck pain this morning. Daddy had to woke up as early as 5.45am to make kiddo breakfast. And mama continue sleeping hehe..

After they're both ready..
Kiddo: Daddy, mane mama?
Daddy: Mama tak sihat.
Kiddo: Kenape mama tak sihat?
Daddy: Mama pening kepale.
Kiddo: Kenape mama pening kepale? Sebab Syahmie cakap banyak sangat eh?
Daddy: Aah, sebab Syahmie cakap banyak sangat. Jom breakfast.
Kiddo: Oooo..

After 10 minutes breakfast..
Kiddo: Mama, Syahmie nak pegi sekolah.
Mama: Ok, be good.
Kiddo: Mama pening kepale eh? Ok, Syamie tak de cakap banyak dah.

And he gave me a hug as usual before he left.
I smiled and laugh. Hehe.. yeah, kids are really straight forward and so sincere.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Too many times I've complained. Few times I kept telling myself 'I love myself.. I love myself', hoping it could stop me from working. Well it DOESN'T WORK that way.

Everyday routine, woke up at 5.15am, snooze the clock until 5.30am. Worked 8 hours and sleep at 930pm after doing some house chores. Tired of my busy and stressful lifestyles. I had good night sleep sometimes, but.. I don't think it's enough. Yeah, I love to sleep.

I will avoid physical activities. At times, when I am tired I lost control over a situation and it makes me feel frustrated, irritable and stressed. My brother used to say, 'You do your work by sitting, and typing, and looked at computer, that's not too tiring.' Huh! Well I used my brain to think dear brother, thank you.

I used to like challenges in work, butat some level I don't have the passion anymore. It makes my brain tired and that automatically triggers my body as well. Oh why, what, how I better sleep now. The more I typed, the more I babbling going nowhere.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Purple Is The Color Of Our New Car

28th Jan 2011.

Purple is warm and cool. Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color.

A sense of mystic and royal qualities, purple is a color often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls.

How the color purple affects us mentally and physically
* Uplifting
* Calming to mind and nerves
* Offers a sense of spirituality
* Encourages creativity

Syukur, Alhamdulillah.. My beloved Mr. Fruitheart bought me a new car and received it few weeks back. he is so sweet isn't he? It's a local car, ALZA.

Gombak Top Model Of The Year
Why we chose purple? Because we love the elegant, nice and cool color. Even our kiddo also liked it. it's auto by the way. So, it's easy when we had to drive during traffic congestion here in KL. After this, Gen 2 can relax a bit. Thank you dear honey.

The Unexpected Family Gathering

Today, 5th Feb 2011 was the first time ever after so long my family had family gathering. I don't remember when was the last time me and my siblings spent time together for lunch and dinner at our parents house. You all know right when some of our sisters/brothers married and have a family of their own, it's not that easy to gather all at the same time. One person had to work on weekends, and one person lived so far away and one person had so many other things to do.. Yeah, you can see a lot in the TV ads. Especially during festive seasons like Hari Raya, CNY, Deepavali and Christmas.

And the most happiest people today are both my father and mother. My father had been called twice to cover one of his colleagues who couldn't make it to work. However, he said no can't do. His children, grandson and both son in law are at home, how can he go to work? And I can see my mother smile all day long even though she's unwell.

We had lunch at Penang Village, Alamanda. Some of the pictures taken..

The Menu

Decoration during CNY, I think all the time

Amazed by the glasses

He loved vanilla ice cream too much
He supposed to share it with grandpa, he ate it all instead.

Cone rice
My youngest sister with my mother. She's the most spoilt one haha..

Mr. Nawawi's family
BBQ for dinner. We were lucky because my brother in law is a Chef. He cooked Chinese dishes. And he marinated all the ingredients, taste so good!!
 Full tummy. The End.
They were fixing the new BBQ set. Took them nearly 1 hour

My brother in law (The Chef) playing with the knife and my sister

Fire!Fire! All the hot chics, sosej and shrimp

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fortune Cookie Says..

Just before Chinese New Year, Mr. Fruitheart brought home three red packet. No it was not red angpow, it was packet of Fortune Cookie. One of his colleague gave to him and one for each of us, including our kiddo.

This is the first time we received Fortune Cookie. I opened mine and it says
'Someone will give you a big Ang-pow!.'

Haha.. I wonder who is so generous in giving me money. Well, ang pow usually comes with money right? It wouldn't be something else. Until today, after 3rd day of CNY.. I didn't received any. So eager huh? We shall wait and see.. maybe soon. Or today?

Friday, 4 February 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Xin Nian Kuai Le

Yesterday 3rd Feb 2011, is the first day of Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New year to those who celebrating it!

Due to my tight schedule, especially busy with work.. yeah, sad isn't it working on Malaysia Public holiday. I had no time to update my blog. I can see cobwebs everywhere.

This is the second day me and Mr. Fruitheart working. That's the price we have to pay because working in the environment where we support other region. Used to it already what. Almost six years. OK, not going to type long entry here, I got work to be done.. since my boss is not here. The plan to go home early on Friday still on! So once again, Happy Holidays to all. May the year of rabbit bring you health and prosperity. Drive carefully and enjoy. Go easy on the rabbit meat and please throw away the Playboy mags.