Monday, 21 February 2011

Dilemma In Making Decisions.. I Had That Too

In our lives, how many times do we have to make decisions? A lot of times correct? We lost count. All we know, we have to face it again and again.. and with different results. We studied and jot down every pro and cons, until at times we met dead end. Failing to achieve final decisions does makes us stress! Sometimes, we just forget it and move on without making any progress to it.. and when we have to think about it again.. some just follow their heart.

Yeah, that happened to me and Mr. Fruitheart last week. Well, it's not actually an urgent matter that need us to do it ASAP. It's about making decision to move out. We wanted to have our own house. So, we have been searching in the Internet house for rent. Oh we have thought to buy our own house, it is still in progress in TTDI. We have been searching in Bandar Sungai Long. Both of us liked the house design and the rent at the moment is below 1K.

We have looked 2 houses, and had told the agent we will call back to confirm if we want it or not. So, back home to Salak Tinggi.. we told my parents. As expected. My father said.. what is good for us both.. go ahead. But, my mother as usual.. would asked questions.. why this.. why that. And I had to explain

The next morning, I still can't decide to move or not to move. I woke up early morning and thought about my kiddo. We of course don't want him to be unhappy just because of us not thinking deeply about it. I told that to Mr. Fruitheart and yes he does feel the same.

So after a while.. we have decided not to move at the moment. We stick back to our plan after we both married and will try to save as much while we stay with our parents. And of course, we don't know what our future have for us. We learned from our mistakes and grab the opportunities while we still can for now.

P/S: Ikut hati mati, ikut badan binasa.
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