Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kiddo And Ringgo The Fat Orange Cat

Well well well.. Now I am active back blogging. Two entries tonight. Ready? Put your seat belt on, after this I will be on my BW.. blogwalking what else or might be sleeping.

MIL had two cats, one is Lizzie and the other one is Ringgo. Sometimes MMIL called him Dodo, FattiePie (but my kiddo heard sweetiepie) LOL! This orange cat used to run away from my kiddo. Well, my son had no experience with cats, and he don't know how to treat a cat nicely. But now..

He was doing his homework then the cat came and sit near him. But he shows his back side to my kiddo and his tails on my kiddo books. Naughty right?

Even he was chased away by kiddo, he came back and sat at the same spot.

Ooh! I'm on candid camera.

He likes to lay like that, stretching I think.

Another stretching! And he does loves to come into our room. Don't know why. There's one day, he waited for me in front of the bathroom door. And slept on our bed. But then, Mr. Fruitheart had to took him outside. Disturbing!

He is cute isn't he. I admit!
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