Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Unexpected Family Gathering

Today, 5th Feb 2011 was the first time ever after so long my family had family gathering. I don't remember when was the last time me and my siblings spent time together for lunch and dinner at our parents house. You all know right when some of our sisters/brothers married and have a family of their own, it's not that easy to gather all at the same time. One person had to work on weekends, and one person lived so far away and one person had so many other things to do.. Yeah, you can see a lot in the TV ads. Especially during festive seasons like Hari Raya, CNY, Deepavali and Christmas.

And the most happiest people today are both my father and mother. My father had been called twice to cover one of his colleagues who couldn't make it to work. However, he said no can't do. His children, grandson and both son in law are at home, how can he go to work? And I can see my mother smile all day long even though she's unwell.

We had lunch at Penang Village, Alamanda. Some of the pictures taken..

The Menu

Decoration during CNY, I think all the time

Amazed by the glasses

He loved vanilla ice cream too much
He supposed to share it with grandpa, he ate it all instead.

Cone rice
My youngest sister with my mother. She's the most spoilt one haha..

Mr. Nawawi's family
BBQ for dinner. We were lucky because my brother in law is a Chef. He cooked Chinese dishes. And he marinated all the ingredients, taste so good!!
 Full tummy. The End.
They were fixing the new BBQ set. Took them nearly 1 hour

My brother in law (The Chef) playing with the knife and my sister

Fire!Fire! All the hot chics, sosej and shrimp

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