Friday, 18 February 2011

My RM5 Lunch

It's hard to find food price that are lower than RM5. As usual, since today is Friday I'm a bit lazy to walk far away from office. My choice, stall next door.

It look kind of ugly in the picture.. hehe. So there's slice of fish, some veggies and rice. It cost me RM5! Even if I take chicken also it would cost RM5.50.

Expensive huh? Yeah, that's food price in KL.

I thought of bringing food from home, and I have done that previously.. but it doesn't feel 'fresh'. And after sometime, I feel hungry again. Sometimes, I am hungry after half hour of eating. Unbelievable!

I used to buy from this one 'makcik'. She was so nice, her food was delicious and the most important is the price is below RM5. However, after the new management took over the place.. she's no longer there.

Still finding what other options I have.

P/S: Today is a busy crazy day with requests.
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