Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Story Of A Seven Year Old - Part II

The story continues.

Mama had headache and right neck pain this morning. Daddy had to woke up as early as 5.45am to make kiddo breakfast. And mama continue sleeping hehe..

After they're both ready..
Kiddo: Daddy, mane mama?
Daddy: Mama tak sihat.
Kiddo: Kenape mama tak sihat?
Daddy: Mama pening kepale.
Kiddo: Kenape mama pening kepale? Sebab Syahmie cakap banyak sangat eh?
Daddy: Aah, sebab Syahmie cakap banyak sangat. Jom breakfast.
Kiddo: Oooo..

After 10 minutes breakfast..
Kiddo: Mama, Syahmie nak pegi sekolah.
Mama: Ok, be good.
Kiddo: Mama pening kepale eh? Ok, Syamie tak de cakap banyak dah.

And he gave me a hug as usual before he left.
I smiled and laugh. Hehe.. yeah, kids are really straight forward and so sincere.
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