Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Too many times I've complained. Few times I kept telling myself 'I love myself.. I love myself', hoping it could stop me from working. Well it DOESN'T WORK that way.

Everyday routine, woke up at 5.15am, snooze the clock until 5.30am. Worked 8 hours and sleep at 930pm after doing some house chores. Tired of my busy and stressful lifestyles. I had good night sleep sometimes, but.. I don't think it's enough. Yeah, I love to sleep.

I will avoid physical activities. At times, when I am tired I lost control over a situation and it makes me feel frustrated, irritable and stressed. My brother used to say, 'You do your work by sitting, and typing, and looked at computer, that's not too tiring.' Huh! Well I used my brain to think dear brother, thank you.

I used to like challenges in work, butat some level I don't have the passion anymore. It makes my brain tired and that automatically triggers my body as well. Oh why, what, how I better sleep now. The more I typed, the more I babbling going nowhere.
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