Saturday, 19 March 2011

Family Vacation: Kuantan Day 2

You're entering day two of my family vacation in Kuantan.

We had breakfast at 8 am. Seriously, it was average for a hotel like that. After breakfast, we had our fun time in the swimming pool. After two hours, we went back to our room and shower. We drove off to Kemaman, Terengganu. Distance was about 51km. The place is famous for  'keropok' and penyu (turtle).

Journey took us about one and half hour. First stop 'Warung Otak-Otak Che Wan'. We reached there noon and it was lunch time. I was told by Mr Fruitheart this 'warong' is famous for it's otak-otak, sata and keropok lekor.

We had three plates of sata, 1 plate of otak-otak and two plates of keropok lekor. And you can guess who ate the most? Yes, Mr. Fruitheart. Hehe.. He likes it very much. It cost us around RM30 including drinks.

There were also stalls where they served curry mee, soup and porridge (nasi air). We bought some 'keropok lekor' that were sold there. You can see women at the 'warong' making 'keropok lekor'.

After lunch, we drove off to Chukai and bought more 'keropok lekor.' We spent nearly RM200 just for it! Hehe.. Stock to keep in the house.

We drove back to the hotel and continue our fun time splashing at the pool.

We were supposed to have dinner at Satay Zul as planned, however it was closed on that day. Pity me. At last we went to Kemaman Kopitiam in town. In our mind, yay.. FREE WIFI!

As usual I ordered curry me, kiddo ate 'nasi lemak' and Mr. Fruitheart had his 'keropok lekor' again! After dinner, we don't know where to go and and went back to bed and sleep.

That's the end of our family holiday in Kuantan, where to next..stay tuned.

We wish we can have six months vacation twice a year. Is it possible?
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