Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Family Vacation: Kuantan Half Day 2

Sorry for the long wait for our family holiday entry. Exhausted and yes unpacking luggage is one of the thing I don't like. Continue.

After settling down in our room, we changed into our swimming outfit. No, I didn't wear bikini FYI. Kiddo was the one who was really overwhelmed getting into the swimming pool. He loves it so much. There were already lots of other kids and adults. It is Sunday by the way, and school holidays some more. Making the place quite packed.

We chose a spot right in front of the poolside bar, with a panoramic views of the South China Sea. Weather was really nice and warm. The wind that blows from the sea was cool. I am so loving the moment and I felt like I wanted to build a house by the sea! Dream on.

The hotel management had put up the red flag, meaning we can't swim in the sea. It is not recommended for people to swim when the waves are quite rough and high. It must be from the tsunami that hit Japan on Friday or might be because it is still in the monsoon season which going to be end soon. But, there are some people who were playing with their surf board. They must be professionals, I told myself.

After spending 2 hours in the swimming pool, we went back to our room and ready for dinner. It has been decided before we reached Kuantan, we wanted to eat 'ikan bakar' (grilled fish).

Just before our dinner, we dropped by Teluk Chempedak beach. It is approximately 5km away from the town of Kuantan. There were McD and KFC, my kiddo favorite eating place. And I bet you will say, he will go there as frequent as he could. You were right! Easy access.
Few years back, when we first went to Teluk Chempedak, there were lots of stalls along the side walk. People had their pictures sketched, people selling souvenirs and other stuff. Now, there were only 2 or 3. I am not sure where they all went. Can see white tent few yards away, which looked like Uptown Damansara. I guess the authorities had build up a proper place for them. They sold t-shirts, pants and other stuff just like Uptown. Kuantan Uptown?
Kiddo saw some kids playing kite, and he wanted one. Bought him a Ben 10 kite for RM12! Daddy flying it more than kiddo. So, you can guess who scolded kiddo the most then right? Yes, his mummy.

Both wearing red, my boys

Rough sea

People walking and making sand castle
This is one of the main beach here in Kuantan and locals love to go here during weekends and after office hours. Some of the activities here are jet-skiing, surfing, sun-bathe and swimming.
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