Thursday, 24 March 2011

Few Simple Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

Happy Thursday peeps. This week went fast doesn't it? Tomorrow going to be Friday, TGIF baby!

OK, since today not so many work and I don't feel like working also (hormone not stabil I guess, mood haywire..haha) I am so free checking my emails. One email from my friend caught my attention.

'Few Simple Ways To Make Your Husband Happy'

A happy husband is a man who feels loved by his wife in all ways possible. In the beginning of a marriage there is romance, intimacy and warmth, but over time these feelings sometimes dissipate. It then becomes essential for a wife to do her part to strengthen the marital bond and to send reassurances her husband’s way that he is special. - source unknown

Beautiful Reception - After returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated you, begin with a good greeting, smelling good and physical beautification.

Beautify and Soften the Voice
- Pay attention to the words you use when you speak to him and the intonation of the words.

Appreciation, Devotion and Loyalty

Showing Respect for his Family and Friends

Admirable Jealousy
- Jealousy is a sign for wife's love for her husband but it should be kept within the limits

Patience and Emotional Support

Good Housekeeping
- Keep it clean, decorated and well arranged.
- Change house arrangements from time to time to avoid boredom.
- Perfect of food and prepare healthy foods.
- Learn how to raise children properly.

Preservation of Finances and the Family
- Do not spend from his money, even for charity without his permission unless you are sure that he agrees on this.
- Protect his house, car, etc. while he is absent.
- Keep the children in good shape, clean clothes, etc. Take care of their nutrition, health, education, manners, etc.

Happy Sex Life, Happy Husband
- Realize that sex is extremely important to men.
- A happy husband is one who is getting his needs met in the bedroom and who knows that he is satisfying his wife as well.
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I know there are a lot of working mothers out there. Although you cannot fullfill all, there must be one or two that you can do right?


Nava.K said...

aiyo, seems like you have to be a superwoman to make hubby happy, hopefully this is also applicable to husbands to make their wives happy.

Fara said...

hehe, if you can do one or two of those is good enough rather than not doing anything rite. i did post an entry about wife too