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Food Review: La Chateau de Puah

Have you heard of this place? No? Yes? Yesterday was the first time me, Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo stepped our foot there. It was around 6.45pm. We were on our way back home from Salak Tinggi. Since it's almost dinner time and knowing that my MIL usually don't cook on Sunday, we ate outside.

It was an unplanned visit there. We actually had talked about the place, and so far the review was good. So, yesterday we tried it ourselves.

The Entrance, almost dark. Pic not too clear


There were not many people when we came. They opened daily from 5.00pm to 2.00am. They also made available for private functions or event and customers can make early reservations.

They served Malaysian food, western food and also Central Asean food, especially from Uzbekistan. We chose to sat in an open air place, in front of the western kitchen where we can see the Chef cooking.

He's making my spaghetti meatball

We can choose to sit in an air condition or open air or dine-in room which is called 'Choy Hona Room' where customers can sit on the floor with a low table.

Are you a registered MAFIA? Then you can hang out there.

I ordered spaghetti meatballs. It came first, because the kitchen was in front of us. Hehe.. Yummy meatballs, and they put a bit of mayo to it making it taste good. Oh not to forget, the brown sauce.. a bit spicy pepper taste that goes well with everything.


Bukhara with lamb

Mr. Fruitheart had ordered Bukhara with lamb. We thought it would be a big portion based on the waitress explanation, but it's just nice. Mr. Fruitheart is trying to lose some weight and lose some fat on the tummy, so this small portion is suitable. Hehe..

As usual, kiddo ordered fries. How I wish he would've ordered something else *sigh*

Our drinks

Here they also have sauna for customers. Their sauna cabin can fit a maximum of 4 persons at one time. Each session will take about 30 - 45 minutes. I don't remember their operation hours for sauna.

One small complaints, errr.. there are mosquitoes. Since we chose to eat in open air, maybe they can light up some 'ubat nyamuk'. I kept on scratching my foot.

The restaurant was featured in some newspapers

 Here's the map and address:
Lot 2381,Jalan Puah,Kampung Puah, 3rd Mile Jalan Gombak,53000

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-4024-0787

Overall, we were satisfied and definitely will come back to try some other food. The price? Aha, very reasonable. It cost us RM46.60. The staff there were also friendly and we liked the environment. Just that, we don't like the mosquitoes.

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