Monday, 21 March 2011

Food Review: My Own Cooking Style

Our weekends usually spent at my parents house. It's like 'balik kampung.. ooOooo.. balik kampung' for us. Although the journey only one hour from Gombak, kiddo still excited to see his grandparents.

This time around, Mr. Fruitheart asked me to cook. Uh oh. He said he wanted to eat 'ayam masak sambal' or some called it 'ayam masak merah'. I am not a professional chef, hey I can cook. No doubt about it. Hehe..

Below are results of my cooking.

My 'bawal masak sweet sour''
My 'kacang buncis, carrot and bunga kobis'
My 'ayam masak sambal'
Kiddo: Ate two times
Mr. Fruitheart: Ok
My father: My daughter can cook
My mother: Ok
My brother: You cooked like mom
My sister: Delicious.

Me: Yes!

Kiddo: My mom can cook like 'Junior Master Chef Australia'.
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