Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fruitheart Cares

Dear my beloved readers, as of today I have 25 followers and I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for following me and read my entry.

Today 19th March 2011 we, Mr. Fruitheart and I established a page in Facebook named 'Fruitheart Cares'. Here's the link

Here how's it work:
1. We will announce which charity org we would like to donate for the month.
2. We will set how many 'likes' we targeted and one like equivalent to RM1.
3. Same goes to twitter, every retweet counts.
4. We will publish the entry about the selected charity org in blog, and every comment counts.
5. We will publish the post once we have made the donation.

Both of us had planned sometime ago to donate some of our monthly earnings to those less fortunate and needy people. The idea to establish this page came from one of our blogger friend who collected donation for Japan. For every comments and retweet about it, he will donate RM1 taken from his own money. It was really a good idea to get support and others to join for a good cause.

Since Mr. Fruitheart always make contribution to charity, so we thought of making it a little bit interesting by coming out with this page and 'steal' the idea from him. I hope he is OK with it. This was his entry-

I would appreciate if you who reading this can like the page in facebook.

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