Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Kiddo And His New Pet Fish

Last Saturday, we went for our usual family outing. It's end of the month and we both got our pay check. Weee! Hehe.. So it's shopping time!

Just before that on Friday, we did a little shopping. It was an unplanned shopping. KL had massive traffic congestion plus it was after heavy rain. So you can imagine how bad it was. It took us nearly 30 minutes to the to the junction of Jalan Tun Razak beside Prince Court. We left office at about 6.15pm, and were still there at 7pm! So, we decided to take u-turn, and that's what some other drivers did, and headed to KLCC to have dinner. We were starving and our fuel lamp had blinked.

OK, that was a little bit of our story on Friday.

So back on the title. Last Saturday, kiddo told us he wanted to have a pet. A fish. We had some arguments for a while of what he could have, which I know we were not supposed to. Sorry son, mummy was having one of those PMS thing and you don't understand. Even daddy wouldn't know, yeah blame the PMS. Hehe..

We went to Great Eastern Mall Pet Shop. Looked around and he said he wanted a fish as pet. We told him, we will look at some other place. He' s a bit disappointed and he thought we wouldn't buy for him. Oh yes, he did not have patience like daddy. We talked about it over lunch, and told him about the rules of having pet. He agreed to it.

After we went to JJ, bought groceries and some new clothes for him. We went to a shop along the MRR2 road. The price was OK and not that expensive. Bought a small tank, few plastic green plants, small white rocks and four guppy fishes. Yay! He named them Nemo, Jerry and Hook. The same look a like guppy fishes named Hook. Oh well, it's his pet and he got to name them what ever he wants, right?

OK, now you can enjoy the pictures.

Selecting fish

Yay! I have pet
Sorry about the unclear picture, not enough lighting I guess. Plus, it's taken from my phone.

Daddy is filling up the white small rocks
Kiddo decided to put the fish tank on the bedside table beside his bed. He said, he could watch all his fishes before he went to sleep. We thought it was not a bad idea after all, since at first we do not know where to put the thing. Well well well, he did have an idea after all.

The orange fish is Nemo, the black one is Jerry and the other two both share same name, Hook.

He was told to wait after 30 minutes before all his four fishes can go inside the tank. Oh boy he kept looking at the clock. Tick! Tock! Is it 7.30 yet daddy? Oh it's so late.. etcs..

So far, he did not missed to feed his fishes. He woke up every morning and called daddy to help him feed the fish. He learned how to be responsible with his own pet. And that is one way how to teach kiddo about being responsible. Good boy!
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