Saturday, 5 March 2011

Kiddo First Exam Result

I totally forgot to update about this. Haa.. how could I missed it. Too busy! Hehe.

Kiddo had his first exam on 14th, 16th and 17th Feb last month. He doesn't know what exam is even we have explained it to him. We did not put any pressure or high expectation on him. Letting him have it his own way and enjoy the 'fun'. We did asked him at the end of each day, how was his exam, how did he do it, was it hard, he just said.. 'Syahmie tak tahu'. So we assume, he don't know how to answer it. Oh well, it was his first time experience.

Two days ago, he was on sick leave and we didn't open his school bag. The night before I checked his bag and found his exam papers.


I saw one paper with 94%, the other two if I am not mistaken 84% and one paper 80%. Well, well well... who's boy is that? Mummy's boy. Haha.. I know Mr. Fruitheart will be reading this soon. Yes, honey your son too. OUR SON!

94% for Maths, 84% for Bahasa Melayu I, II and 80% for Pend. Islam. I am still waiting for the English paper.

Maybe he doesn't understand the term exam. He thought it was like what he usually did in class, where teacher gave him papers and fill all the blank spaces. OK! I know, standard one exam is easy peasy. Nothing to be proud of like if your kid sit for UPSR, PMR or SPM. Hehe. But still I am proud.

Looking at the exam papers, he is weak in spelling. We need to have spelling session with him everyday after this. And the question is, mummy or daddy will do it?

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