Thursday, 31 March 2011

Saying Sorry To Our Son

As parents, especially newbies we have never been thought about parenthood or went to class on how to be a good parents. We learned from experience, things told by our parents, practise from other parents do's and don'ts and even learn from expert's articles on the net. However, the result is either positive or negative and might or might not be suitable. Depends on the child, situation and result.

So here we are.. our experience yesterday. Kiddo's school will be organizing a one day trip. He had showed me and Mr. Fruitheart the letter and form that we need to fill in all the details. We have to pay RM55 and it is on Saturday 23rd April. The last date for the payment is on or before 4th April. So we have about five more days to do so.

So yesterday, kiddo had asked us to pay. He force us to give him the money and said if he didn't pay, he cannot go. Since we had not taken out our money and didn't go to the ATM, we decided to give it today. Which is making kiddo frustrated and cried! We have tried explaining to him that the dateline is still far away and can still pay tomorrow (31st Mac).

Mr. Fruitheart has lost his patience.

He cried all the way to school. He kept telling us to stop by the bank. We didn't listened and we did scolded him. (We regret it after we know the truth, at the end.. please read). When we reached his school, he is still crying and don't want to go into the school area. Oh boy! I talked to him and said, we will give the money tomorrow and I will let the teacher know. He hugged me and don't want to let go. He kept saying, if he didn't pay by today he can't join his friends.

Not long after that, one teacher arrived and asked what has happened. I explained and she said yes, teachers had told everyone to pay by today. Or they cannot go. Then I asked 'Oh, but why in the paper it says on or before 4th April?' The teacher said, they have to book buses and prepare the list of students faster, foods bla bla bla..
Oh you can guess how my face look like huh?

So what I did? I asked the teacher if we can pay tomorrow and she said yes. Thank God! Kiddo stopped crying and went inside with the teacher. Honestly, we felt so bad! For not trusting kiddo and not listening to him. Bad parents.

On our way home in the evening, I told Mr. Fruitheart to stop by at McD. He said, oh yes will do. We need to tell kiddo we're sorry. He was happy. McD is his fave. And, he did asked why we bought McD out of a sudden. We explained, shake hands and hugs. At the end of the day, everybody happy.

P/S: When you say sorry to your child, it shows them that apologies aren't just for kids.
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