Thursday, 17 March 2011

Special Thank You Entry To PruLady

Remember two weeks ago I posted an entry about ang pow, big money? Aww.. don't remember? So sad. Here's the link, if you want to read it: Someone Did Gave Me A Big Ang-pow!

OK, as you all readers out there know.. almost everyone have insurance. Some even have more than one. If you don't know what insurance is, you might be living some where else not in this world. Kidding! Even if you went to the bank, you would probably see their insurance product am I right? Yes! It is up to you, if you want it or not and if you're able to pay for the monthly payment. It all depends on you. And of course, the insurance that you take - benefits, chargers, terms and condition, diseases covered etcs.

I am not going to elaborate more about it, just that.. I would like to share with you my experience with PruLady Insurance from Prudential. PruLady is tailored for women. I bought the insurance policy in 2006, and I have made two claims so far. First was when I got married last year and second was early this year when I had epictomic pregnancy.

I submitted my claim and so far, after 2 -3 weeks I received it. Fast isn't it? With the help of my insurance agent, Uncle Khoo.. it is easy. Yes, you need to have the right insurance agent. You know what I mean.

'One should not have to worry about medical costs. The patient's focus should be on obtaining the best treatment and getting better.

One way to do that is probably to have a good medical insurance coverage which can help with medical expenses.' - It is true.

So, thank you again PruLady. I will stick with you.

P/S: I have used my PruLady claim to go for our family holiday last week. Well, we deserved it.
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