Wednesday, 23 March 2011

SPM: Grade 1, Aggregate 21

Huh? What year was that? 1998! Hehe.. OK, that was my SPM result thirteen years ago. I am not sure how they calculate now, the system has changed I believe.

At that time when you get first grade, it was good enough. No I didn't go to any university, just local college to further my studies. And here I am doing good in my life. I have job with big paycheck (let me stress here.. YOU NEED HARD WORK TO EARN MORE). Not kissing your bosses ass.

So bottom line if you didn't get what you targeted, no worries it is not the end of the world for you and I am sure you heard that so many times. As parents yes they always wanted the best for their children. They know you have tried your best.

After SPM it there will always be another opportunity. Time will make you wiser and learn about life. It is not always how many A's you got OK. It is how you manage your life, work and adjust with the environemt. It is how you bring your self.

My two cents story.

Ex-SPM 1998, SMKJ
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