Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chicken Extinction? We Have Fake Eggs

Now days it is not a shocked if we found everything can be faked. *sigh*
Recently, a homemaker in Penang who bought a tray of eggs in Pulau Tikus had a shocked when she found them to be 'fake eggs'.

Seriously, are we running out chicken?

There's no surprise if we can found 'fake' branded things like t-shirts, jeans, hand bags, watches, clothes.. well basically all those designer labels. But, fake foods?

I have no idea how fake eggs really look like. Seen it the newspaper and searched in the Internet for the picture. However, not all of it we can trust huh? Let us wait what the government says or the experts.

It's sad knowing how some people really don't think about others health. Mixing food with chemical and dangerous products could harm our body. We may not be experiencing the effect straight away. Maybe after a week, a month or even years after that.

Image credit to the Star online

Wonder what fake things or foods next. Note to myself, look really careful next time when we are out buying groceries. The house is running out of eggs stock!
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