Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fruitheart Cares - Every Likes, Retweet and Comments Count: Rumah Silaturrahim Nurul Qana'ah

This time around, we have chosen Rumah Silaturrahim Nurul Qana'ah. We received their pamphlet when we visited my mother at Serdang Hospital few months back. We saw three ladies standing on the walkway and distributing pamphlet.

Information about it.
They stayed at a two-story rent shop house located at No. 34A & 34B, Jalan 10, Taman Batu Off Taman Greenwood, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor. It was officially launched on 15th May 2005 and registred under 'Akta Pertubuhan 1996' on 5th October 2005. RSNQ was established under the 'Pertubuhan Silaturrahim Nurul Qana'ah.'

Their intention is providing shelter to abandoned children, those children whose parents died and for those children from very poor families without the possibility of taking care of them under the age of 18.

The facility is intended to provide these children with a good educational upbringing. Children there will be given the opportunity to enter school and tuition classes either at night or during weekends. It is clear that fundamental education is needed in human life, at least to be able to read and write.

While on school holidays, they will be given chances to joined activities such as sports, education trip, motivation or summer camp and other useful activities.

RSNQ received their income from donation by corporate people and individuals. Their expenses per month is estimated around RM8000 to RM10,000. This is not including rent, utilities, school supplies and allowance, also payment to workers. They plan to have their own building to accommodate more children.

We will make our donation by end of this month.
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