Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Birthday and April Fool

April has finally arrived. Soon we will come to May.

What is special about April? First April, was my third sister's birthday and on fifth April, my youngest sister's birthday. So, guess who got punk'd? My youngest sister! Haha.. poor girl. She was just unlucky, because on that day my third sister was working (she escaped).

We were teasing her (my youngest sister) about his friend's cousin who hijacked his twitter and post a shout out about his live for my sister. Puppy love I would say. So we told her that we saw a letter in the post box with her name on it. We really make her believed and my father told her to go and picked it up. And no, my father didn't know it was a prank. So does Mr. Fruitheart. He even asked if I had really put the letter there.

So after she checked and came in, she said there was nothing in the post box. I said it out loud.. April Fool!
She was like.. 'OMG! You're so bad!'. Sorry sister, there was no one else I can think of to do the April Fool.

On Saturday night, all of us went to Bagan Lalang. We had family dinner in conjunction with their birthday. I didn't take a lot of pictures. I don't even noticed the restaurant name. All I know it was opposite the beach and near the Golden Palm Tree resort.
Almost there
It was 8.30pm, and the queue was long!
There lots of people and it was full house! Lucky my second sister and her hubby was already there and booked the place. Or else, we will be disappointed.

Sting ray, my fave!
As I was waiting for my turn to choose the 'lala', there was a girl came to the counter and complained they have waited for an hour but their food didn't came. They said the table behind them who came late already finished eathing. Oh my! That's not good. I thought of putting back the 'lala' and went back to my table, but it was already my turn to place the order. So I just proceed and hope I get the food I ordered without waiting for an hour.

All fresh

Siakap 3 rasa
From top: Crab, cockle, squid and shrimp

There were lot of other foods actually, but as I said earlier few pictures only. Note to myself, never go to Bagan Lalang early of the month when everyone else got their paycheck.

We left the place at 9.45pm. People still keep on arriving and I am sure the place closed at midnight. Food was a OK. Not that extremely delicious. We were a bit disappointed about the poor and not systematic service. I know all of you wanted to know how much we paid for it right? RM273. Next time, we will come early as six and choose the right restaurant.
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