Saturday, 23 April 2011

He Got It From Me..Pass The Tissue Please

What is the most challenging part being a mother? For me, raising your kid to be a good useful person. Make sure he eats healthy food and on time.

OK, what do you expect from a seven year old? Listen to everything you said? Behave like an angel and never heard him say bad words, hmm.. like stupid? Or sarcasm words like what ever?

Is parenting hard? YES! No one ever told me how to raise a child. No one ever teach me how to calm down a kid when he cried non-stop or have tantrums. No one ever told me that The method of parents raised their kids now and fifteen years ago is way totally different. When my kiddo gives me his one million dollar questions, I sure scratch my head which is not itchy. Sometimes, I will say to him I will think of an answer and get back to him. Oh brother! Sound like my boss already.

During my seven years of raising him, I still don't get it if his behaviour is normal or the sign of a behavioural disorder. The most challenging part to me is to calm him down when he cried. Almost to everything.

I have to admit, during my pregnancy I always cried. And I am very sensitive. He gets it from me, don't you think? What his mother feels, he felt it also cause he is in me. It's my fault he behave like that.

P/S: My friend told me, problems are a part of everyday life. You are lucky you have a child. Cherish them, because you will lose them one day and you won't even know it!
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