Monday, 18 April 2011

I Had Subway For Lunch and Hungry After 1 Hour

Mr. Fruitheart is the person responsible introducing me to SUBWAY. No I am not on a diet, but he is. Hehe. He needs to control his way of eating. Or else, rounder tummy.

I was in a hurry during lunch time today and don't know what to eat. Went to Pavilion to settled things, which not settle at the end. *sigh*. Along the way, I saw there was no queue at Subway and I straight went inside. I ordered Italian BMT because it was the deal of the day. As long as it is under RM10, fine with me.

Image credit to subwaywow
Reached the office at 1pm, and ate it at my cubical. I know deep down inside my tummy, after one hour or if I am not lucky after 30 minutes, I will feel hungry again.

You know what? My tummy is correct! So hungry, I just wish I have ordered rice instead. I used to ordered rice and Subway at the same time. Too much huh?
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