Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Infected by Bieber Fever

This office is so damn cold. I don't feel good also, maybe I have fever. Or more to Bieber fever?? Hehe. Speaking of the famous-glamorous-girls-go-crazy-about-17-year-old singing sensation will come down to KL, Malaysia on 21st April. That is TOMORROW!

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Major radio stations like Hitz.FM has given free tickets, and so does some other. A lot of ways for Malaysians, or I can say teenagers for them to get those free tickets. No I have not tried winning any. If I am 15 I would asked my dad to buy the ticket no matter what. Haha. Duh! Like he's going to buy it anyway.

Ticket Prices: RM98 (Standing Only), RM188, RM288, RM358 and RM498 (VIP Area)

So VIP area you got to see Bieber clearly huh? Can touch his face is it? Haha. I think we can listen girls screaming rather than his singing. Believe it or not Beliebers?

P/S: My kiddo is a Justin Bieber fan!
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