Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Is It Wrong If You're Smarter Than Others?

School is supposed to be a safe place for our children, don't you agree? How many times have we heard about school children beaten up in schools? Or how many times we heard some of the smaller kids being bullied by their seniors? Almost everyday.

Yesterday I read in the Star online, a 17 year old boy was beaten up by eight boys from a different school. They trespassed into the victim's school and attacked the boy while he was chatting with his friend. He was dragged outside the classroom and pushed behind a chemistry lab before being assaulted by the group. Unfortunately, the teacher was not in at that time.

Image credit to Google
The issue? Because he is the top student in his school. I feel sorry for the boy. If it was my child, I would feel miserable and seriously changed my boy to another school. I don't know what has happen to our children these days. What trigged them to put in such act. They seem to be violent. That what makes me think of home schooling my kiddo. But, I felt that would stop him from mixing with others. I don't want him to be like frog underneath coconut shell.

There's no doubt kids these days can use laptop at early age. Image credit to Google
Is it wrong to be smarter than others? There's no surprise if in adult world this happens. The only difference is, the way adult handles it. There are people called backstabbers and huge butt-ass kissers. Don't believe me? Look among yourself. You can easily find one.
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