Monday, 25 April 2011

Junior MasterChef Australia Fever Ended - Isabella Won!

Last night was the finale of Junior MasterChef Australia (2010). I don't know why they have to aired it so late in Malaysia (not sure about other countries, maybe the same), when the show was actually in 2010?! I thought it was a new show like American Idol. *sigh*

So, OK nevermind. I wanted to share my thoughts here anyway. Hehe.

I really enjoyed watching the show. Mr. Fruitheart too. Both of us feels hungry and drooled over the food they made. I myself would have never ever cooked all those dishes like them. I can't even pronounced the name.

When I was 12, I can only cooked rice. Haha. I don't even know what are spanakopita, frangipane, poached scampi and vongole. I just know how to eat delicious food only.

In the finale, twelve-year old Isabella from Queesland won the first ever Junior MasterChef Australia. She made thh colorful 'Scallops with Garlic Custard, Seaweed Broth and a Lemon and Blood Orange Jelly'.

Image credit to Junior MasterChef website

Beautiful isn't it?

While Jack from Tasmania, the only boy who managed to get into the final four has cooked 'Tea Smoked Quail in a Citrus Sauce'. Seriously, I wouldn't have the idea to smoked the quail with tea. Do you he started cooking at the age of 9?

Image credit to Junior MasterChef website

This was made by Pierre. If I were to cook this, I would need one whole day.
'Pierre’s Lamb Wellington with Spinach and Mushroom Duxcell'.

Image credit to Junior MasterChef Australia
Everytime after I watched how those 8-13 year old kids cooked, I have the passion to cook too. Only that I don't have the err.. time. Only on weekends. And yeah, the stuff. Excuses right?

I found this quote from Junior MasterChef Australia very interesting:
"Age is no barrier to be a good cook. What it needs is passion". - Matt Preston

I totally agree with you Matt!
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