Thursday, 21 April 2011

Justin Bieber Fever, Less Work, Easter and Good Friday

You must be thinking what is it got to do with the title with me. Of course it does. That's why I wrote it that way. Haha. Silly me. That is simply because I don't have interesting entry to post.

This Bieber fever seems not going to get any better. I've been listening to from morning and they kept on playing his songs. Almost, ever hour or can I say every half hour? Gosh! Yeah, sounds that I am annoyed, but in the heart I like. Hehe. Wouldn't be surprised if we heard girls faint, screaming oh and the list goes on. Crazy over Bieber.

So today, there are not much to do in the office. I have changed my login information for blogger from yahoo to GMail. Great! All the blog list I followed, poof! gone. Disappear. Lucky I can still access using the yahoo mail and I copied everything. Phew! So far, that is the only thing missing and troublesome. I have not read anywhere if everyone else facing the same issue. Or if there are any steps that I didn't know of. Also, here I am 'curi tulang' blogging while working. Haha. Like I never did this before.

I read here for how to do it: Notis dari google blog yang tidak menggunakan akaun google akan dihapuskan. Thank you kak Jie.

Easter Bunny. Image credit to Google

Less work because my counterpart in Europe will be on Easter and Good Friday long holiday. A week! So wonderful. Wonder when I can have my long one week leave again. Last I had my one week holiday was when I am married. maybe in December I can get my one week leave. Yeah, hopefully Australia.

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