Monday, 11 April 2011

My Boy Got Rejected In Love

No, he's not proposing. Don't think that far people.

Last Saturday, we had BBQ session at my MIL's house. Me and Mr. Fruitheart was busy preparing stuff for BBQ, kiddo came to me and asked if he can wear perfume. I said what for? He said he wanted to smell nice and handsome when Kak Farah come later. I said, no need. Since all of us will be smelling like 'burning chicken'. He said OK, and went away. Frustrated I think.

Later after Kak Farah (she is Mr. Fruitheart's cousin daughter who lives next door) came, he told Mr. Fruitheart he wanted to wear perfume and comb his hair. At that time, we were going to start eating. They both went upstairs. I don't know what has happened there, as I was busy in the kitchen.

When I wanted to sit and join everyone at dining table, I saw my kiddo with sad face. He looked down at his feet and he was standing near the stairs. I asked Mr. Fruitheart what happened. He told everything. I couldn't help myself from laughing. OMG! My boy got rejected by a girl.

Kak Farah was not in a good mood, she doesn't want to eat. Because her father said she is fat and her tummy is already big. Haha. How can an eight year old girl be on diet?? Gosh! What's going to happen when she's seventeen?

Due to that, she was not in a good mood to play with kiddo. After all the effort he had done, wearing perfume (daddy's perfume) and comb his hair nicely, just to look handsome in front of a girl. My boy is only seven by the way. Haha. Oh bad mummy, laughing over his kid. He ran upstairs and was a bit angry because everyone else teased him. Awwww.

The funny part was when he came down for the second time, my MIL asked Kak Farah to play with kiddo. However, kiddo 'pula jual mahal'. He ran away. the scene was like in Bollywood movies, when the girl persuade the boy and he's playing hard to get. Oh boy!

Later when everyone has cool down, Mr. Fruitheart took kiddo's hand and asked him to sit beside Kak Farah. Suddenly, he grab her hands and they both went upstairs to play. Everyone laughed.

Note to myself: I have to be prepared when kiddo is in his teen years. If he got rejected, I have no idea what he will do. Worse case scenario, he might be crying all night. Boo hoo hoo!
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