Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Rise Of Business Mummy Bloggers

I am a mummy blogger, but NO currently I am not involving myself in business. In this entry, I wanted to share with you three of my friends which I know from high school that has started an online shopping business. You might have seen small business starting online and many of these are started by women.

What encourage me to post this entry? I am sharing with you their determination for making their online business successful despite being a mother, wife, businesswoman and also working. Multitasking women. I called them SUPERMOM! Hehe.

Women now days are more likely to be interested in stuff they can do from home. Which they can do it with a CLICK. I would love to do that too. That will happen if I have 'things' to sell online right?

Butik Inspirasi by Nurul Hana
She studied law, very nice lady. Currently staying in Ipoh, Perak and has two kids, a boy and a girl. She sells 'muslimah' attire such as 'tudung' and clothes. You can select based on photos provided and put in shopping cart. For those who had experienced online shopping (like me!) knows how it is being done.

How she promote her business? Facebook most of the time. She posted it on her profile and tag friends/customers. That way, they know there are new product or she has restocked it. I really admire her determination and effort. She also opened up a booth if there are carnival near her place. Prices are affordable and materials are from good quality. Customers sure satisfied with her products.

My Baju Baby by Suhana Irda 

She stays in PJ and has one daughter at the moment. She just launched her website early April. It is also an online shopping website that sells children stuff. There are also information, articles and tips for readers especially parents. Since it is a new website, there are not many products to look at. Soon, I hope there will be more my dear friend.

Qaseh Impiana by Naterah

She's my best friend from high school. I stayed with her when my parents moved to KL. Yes, we are close. I know her family and she knows mine. Hehe. OK. Back to story. She's married, working and also expecting her first baby which due in May. Hope the baby have same birthdate as me. Haha. We can be in the same gang!

Her website currently have bag hanger as their main product. Bag hanger is a new fashion icon special for stylish ladies. They carefully select products with an eye for details and uniqueness. Made with high quality of zinc-alloy, which surely giving much additional value to women that really appreciate their bags. They have wide range of collections and will update customers with the latest design. (copied straight from the facebook)

Credit to Qaseh Impiana
I don't even know they have hanger for handbags now. Impressive! Hope to hear more products from you too dear.

Now, let me see. Do I have the courage and determination to start online business? *thinking* There is definitely a good income stream you can make just from blogging. You just know how to do it and what to sell.
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