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Top 99 Women 2011 Edition - WOW! - Men's Online Magazine again came out with their list of Top 99 Women 2011 Edition. They can list the 99 most desirable women by men, but only listed Top 49 Men. Huh!

Most of the pictures taken are sexy indeed. Showing off their body shape, boobs (oops!) and yeah less clothing either up or down.

No. 99 goes to Minka Kelly. Who? She's dating Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Sorry I don't know them. Ivanka Trump, daughter of real-estate magnate Donald Trump ranks at no. 97.

I don't know some of them. Know in this statement means I have never seen them in movies, TV series, magazine etcs.

Let's see few others. Twillight heroin, Kristin Stewart is at no. 90. Not sexy lah. Dianna Agron is at no. 81, who? She's in Glee, the cheerleader. Ting! Tong! OK. Got it. She's pretty. Kate Middleton, Prince William's soon to-be-wife, is at no. 61. Elin Nordegren also listed there at no. 60. You must know her, she was married to Tiger Wood. Grrrrr! Charlies Angel, Cameron Diaz is at no.50.

Let's jump to Top 10 shall we?
No.10 - Jessica Pare. Again who?
No.9 - Anne Hathaway. Lovely in Princess Diaries.
No.8 - Katy Perry. She shot whipped cream out of her bra, gosh!
No.7 - Scarlett Johansson. She's one of my fave celeb! I have to paste her gorgeous pic here. She is single again after separated from hubby Ryan Reynolds (I don't even know they were married!). I bet all men everywhere will be crazy over her again huh? Nah, even if she is married also men will go gaga over her.

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No. 6 - Cheryl Cole, She's a singer and was ranked no. 20 last year.
No.5 - Miranda Kerr. She's currently one of the top-paid models in the world and she's married to Orlando Bloom. Say what? Legolas in Lord of the Ring? Will Turner in Pirates of Carribean? Damn! She is also the model for Victoria Secret.
No.4 - Selita Banks. A model as well.
No.3 - Sofia Vergara. 'We all know the reason men everywhere (especially in the 18-34 demographic) watch the popular sitcom is to get that weekly dose of Sofia Vergara, owner of the best cleavage on television)' Seriously?!
No.2 - Mila Kunis. A movie star.
Drum rolllllllllll.....

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Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. Naughty girl. She also made her debut in 'The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants'.
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You can see the full list with their PICTURES
Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2011

I know boys, men out there love this. Well, who doesn't? Sweet dreams, guys!
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