Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trousers or Is It Pants? vs Skirts

Good news, I can no longer wear clothes size XS or S. It has changed to M! (Bukan gemuk, tapi berisi.. Not fat, only chubby) Especially trousers, or some of us called it pants. Early March I bought three new work pants. I only wear all of it for five times and now I can't wear it anymore.

Sad isn't it? Plus, I can't wear jeans for too long. Gives me pain in the abdomen, near the surgery scar. I should have listened to my mother not to wear jeans and start wearing skirts.

So on Saturday, I went shopping! Me like. I bought two skirts, black and gray. I don't like flowery skirts. I planned to wear it on Friday during casual day or went outing. The problem with me and skirt is:- Couldn't find the right size. It's either tight at hips and loose at waist or loose at hips and tight at waist.

Or what ever way, all I can say.. not easy for me to find the right one. Oh and I bought a white belt. I saw few ladies wearing it when they wear blouse and skirt. They look nice and elegant. I don't have the confidence in wearing that kind of attire. But, I will give it a try.

I will upload the pic soon when I wear it. Till then, adios.
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