Friday, 20 May 2011

30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years - Happy Birthday To Me

Yeah, I have to admit I am 30 today. Gosh! Feel so errr.. not old OK! Wiser! Haha. This lady don't want to admit she's getting older.

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I have a lot left to learn in my life. But here are few things I do know about..
  1. My most frequent word used: OK
  2. If you hate waiting for people, don't make other's wait for you
  3. Do a job that you love
  4. Time flies when you're having fun
  5. Hug is one good cure when you are miserable
  6. Giving birth to a child is EXTREMELY painful
  7. Women now days need to be multitasking
  8. Your time spend with your family especially with your kids is much more important than work
  9. Vacation is a must
  10. Vacation and work will NEVER be good together
  11. It is never wrong to be angry, however it is best to control it
  12. It is also never wrong to ask for help, you just have to be polite
  13. Save money for rainy days
  14. At least once in a lifetime we are heart broken
  15. Human are not mind readers. You want them to do something, TELL. You want them to know how you feel, TELL
  16. There are always someone, something or situation that you will never like
  17. Everybody lies, everbody makes mistakes. So what?
  18. If you are 'perfect' of doing your own things, don't expect other people to do the same like you do
  19. I am not supposed to have answer to everything and knows everything. It makes me feel like Google!
  20. It will always be the date for my birthday
  21. Bad mood? Period pain? Heart ache? Overjoyed? Cry? All are spices of life
  22. Silent company is often more healing than words of advice
  23. There is no guarantee that same person will do the same after given a second chance
  24. No matter on which age we still have things to learn in life
  25. At the age of 25 I learned that no matter what condition you are, others love to talk about you
  26. At the age of 26 I learned that being a single working Malay mother is DAMN HARD!
  27. At this point of age, I realized I am going to be 3 with big 0 in just 3 years
  28. When you say sorry to your children, you are teaching them that apologies aren't just for kids
  29. At the age of 29, God gave me a second chance to be married
  30. Finally, I reached 30 years old!

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P/S: Happy birthday to me!

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