Thursday, 26 May 2011

American Idol 2011 Winner: Scotty McCreery

Finally the American Idol 2011 fever has ended. I have not seen the show where they announce the winner yet. Stil stucked in the office yea. But I saw it in the twitter timeline. As expected, Scotty won. Although I am not a fan of him and wanted Lauren to win instead, CONGRATULATIONS SCOTTY!

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I am dissapointed when Pia left. She is a good singer to me, I love her voice! From the first day AI started, I really hope the winner would be a girl. Unfortunately, America has spoken and chose their idol. I have to admit, all the contestants this time around were quite good. They can sing well, and young too.

Scotty is only 17 years old and already a well-known singer in America. Thanks to American Idol. Between the two of them, I personally think Lauren will be more succesful. But, we wouldn't know right? Just look at the past winners, what have happened to them? Silent mode? This is the same as Akademi Fantasia in Malaysia. Seriously, they should have ended it when the day Mawi won the title.
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